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Our Initiatives

BPBN is committed to empowering Black professionals and entrepreneurs through various programs and resources. With a focus on fostering growth and collaboration, our strategic initiatives create opportunities for advancement and recognition.

Supplier Diversity

BPBN aims to boost procurement opportunities for Black-owned pet businesses by offering support and resources for operational improvement and scaling. We facilitate participation in trade shows, provide mentorship, access to consultants, and aid in obtaining certifications. Additionally, we collaborate with larger pet corporations to diversify their supplier base.

Trainings and SUPPORT

Workshops and training sessions specifically tailored to the needs of industry  professionals. Topics include business career planning, financial planning, mental health management, navigating industry bias, and more. Our workshops provide valuable insights and resources.

Networking Events

Our exclusive industry networking events are designed to foster partnerships and facilitate joint ventures amongst our members. With a mission to provide space for businesses to connect, thrive and succeed together BPBN hosts year round in person and virtual networking opportunities.

Mentorship and

BPBN mentorship and coaching program pairs experienced industry professionals with aspiring Black entrepreneurs and talent. This program provides guidance, support, and valuable  insights to help mentees navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals.

access to capital

BPBN facilitates access to funding and financing opportunities for Black-owned pet businesses through partnerships with financial institutions, venture capital firms, and impact investors. This includes providing guidance on securing loans, grants, or investment capital, as well as offering financial education and mentorship.

Online Warehouse Workers

Empowerment Through Partnership

"Join us in shaping the future of the pet and industry! By becoming a corporate partner with BPBN, you'll have the opportunity to co-create new pathways for POC in the pet space. Together, we can unlock innovative opportunities and drive positive change. 

What Our Members Say

Black Pet Business Network (BPBN)

Jahmal .D

Joining BPBN is a MUST for every person of color in the pet space. 
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