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Our Mission

We're dedicated to creating a pet industry that celebrates diversity, ensures equity, and embraces inclusivity. Our goal is to ensure that Black professionals and entrepreneurs have equal opportunities for success and recognition.


BPBN envisions a future where systemic barriers and inequalities are dismantled, and where the voices and contributions of Black individuals are valued and celebrated throughout the industry.

Our advocacy extends to supporting organizations in achieving their DEI goals, creating workplaces that attract, retain, and engage Black talent. 

Our mission goes beyond connection; it's about empowerment, breaking  barriers, and amplifying opportunities for Black talent."  Lashonda Geffrard (Founder)

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Foundational Pillars in Action

At the heart of our mission lies a robust framework built upon four foundational pillars. These pillars serve as the bedrock of our organization.  Together, they form the cornerstone of our commitment. 


We're committed to advocating for Black professionals. We work to ensure fairness and equality by promoting representation and addressing systemic barriers. By advocating for policies and initiatives, we address systemic barriers, collaborating with organizations industry wide to ensure the voices of Black pet professionals are valued and heard.


BPBN is dedicated to providing equitable access to education, funding, mentorship, and business opportunities. Through scholarships, grants, and training programs, we empower Black-owned pet businesses to thrive and compete, fostering talent, innovation, and economic empowerment within the community.


BPBN prioritizes building an inclusive community for Black pet professionals to connect, collaborate, and support each other. We offer networking events, online forums, and mentorship opportunities to facilitate knowledge exchange and meaningful connections. We also prioritize mental health initiatives to ensure long-term success and resilience.


BPBN prioritizes continuous learning for Black professionals in the pet industry. Our comprehensive professional development initiatives include workshops, seminars, certifications, and mentorship programs covering business management, marketing, animal care, and industry trends. Partnering with experts and institutions, we empower Black individuals to excel, lead, and innovate within the industry.

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Our Team.

Welcome to the BPBN Team! Our diverse group of industry leaders, ranging from entrepreneurs to mental health professionals, brings a vibrant mix of backgrounds and expertise to our organization. Together, we embody a culture of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment, driving BPBN's mission forward with passion and purpose.

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