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Welcome to Black Pet Business Network (BPBN) - Empowering Diversity in the Pet Industry

Maximize Your Full Potential.

"Empowering Diversity, Elevating Excellence"


Welcome to Black Pet Business Network (BPBN), a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization committed to reshaping the pet industry into a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive space. At BPBN, we're dedicated to advancing the careers of Black professionals and empowering businesses by providing personalized career opportunities, events, and resources tailored to their goals. 

We're rewriting the narrative for Black individuals in the industry, forging new pathways and equipping our community with the tools needed to excel and thrive in this dynamic industry.

Black professionals networking and advancing careers at BPBN event

Empowering Diversity
Fueling Success

BPBN is the leading career advancement community

for people of color in the pet and animal industry.

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